Version: Demo v0.6

Starter Characters are accessible from the beginning: Azrael, Blade, Bowser, Cloud (Final Fantasy), Crono (Chrono Trigger), Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, Fox (Star Fox), Goku (Dragon Ball Z), Ichigo (Bleach), Kirby, Knuckles (Sonic), Link (The Legend of Zelda), Lloyd (Tales of Symphonia), Mario, Mega Man, Meta Knight, Naruto, Ness [Earthbound (Mother)], Princess Peach, Pikachu, Pit (Kid Icarus), Samus/Zero Suit Samus (Metroid), Sonic, Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Tails (Sonic), Wario, Yoshi, and Zelda/Sheik (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time).

Unlockable Characters are accessible only after being unlocked via completing some tasks: Blue, Captain Falcon (F-Zero), Falco (Star Fox), Jigglypuff (Pokémon), Kratos (Tales of Symphonia), Luigi, Mewtwo (Pokémon), Mr. Game & Watch, Renji (Bleach), Riku/Dark Riku (Kingdom Hearts), Sasuke (Naruto), Shadow (Sonic), Snake (Metal Gear Solid), Spikeman, Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z), and Zero (Mega Man).

Click HERE to launch with in-game chat (coming soon).

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