this is the full version of all the updated versions of all the characters. Yes this is all real Note:this version has some messed up parts on the animations

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  • treesrock4ever


  • figurezedge

    @treesrock4ever thanks dude

  • TheNhhs2008

    where is this website ive looked for awhile and i cant find this one can you send me a message with the link to this game and awesome video it is some very good info

  • figurezedge

    @TheNhhs2008 dude i dont have the full version of the game i am helping devloping the game so i have all the sprites,and i know all the characters

  • VietCookiie neither marth,roy or ike are gonna be in super smash flash 2??

  • SasukeDragon123

    is sasuke in the demo version olz answer

  • satrombone1093

    loving mewtwo's final smash. :D

  • HabboKing9

    Naruto´s special is like sonics werehog transformation

  • ottoa622

    please tell me when it will come out....please