Game Demo v0.7 Site: McLeodGaming's Channel: More information here: Hey guys...I mean, HJOLY SH*T ITS THE NEW SUPER SMASH FLASH 2 DEMO!!! Yea, It features 5 new characters: -Goku -Ness -Wario -Princess Peach -Tails And also 10 new stages like Planet Namek. Sorry about no voice commentary, but annotation commentary its much better, cause you can see what I say. Plus, i wanted to try something new.

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  • TheIceyTheFox

    this game rocks ps first commet

  • Super64Fanantics

    No offense, but I hate everyone in the battle..

  • TheIceyTheFox

    @Super64Fanantics Then i hate u

  • SuperMarioJ915

    Why do you have to use my Intros? You could have asked me first

  • TheStraightEdgeGamer

    @SuperMarioJ915 was a surprise.

  • djderekdude

    @TheIceyTheFox Yah Goku, Naruto, and Ichigo are EPIC.............but sora's ummm good but not as cool as
    Goku :)

  • lyledominicabugan

    lolz...ive unlocked Black Mage character and Chaos Shrine Map

  • Superfedericosi1

    black mage
    how to unlock
    15 brawl games

  • megaman6974

    @djderekdude Sora is not quite good.:/ but at least hes ok

  • megaman6974

    No new characters are:Goku,Ness,Wario,Princess peach and black mage

  • marioman7172

    @Superfedericosi1 actully, its 10. check smash flash wiki