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  • DBZfan449

    @HABD100 this battle was based of the poll that was held, and based on it sonic won. but who gives a shit because they're just video game characters

  • DBZfan449

    people getting worked over fictional characters?....sad. but hey this is clearly the work of a draw battle.If, IF DAMMIT! if it was based off of the poll then sonic won anything else it just ends in a Draw

  • DarkDosReis

    great video, just keep in mind mario may need items to save the day, but Mario versus real enemies, sonic vs robots and Eggmans stupid mistakes. And also sonic uses the chaos emeralds everytime. Mario and sonic are two powerful opponents, and i glad that he kept it as a draw

  • BorisNaruto

    if i was playing as sonic i would totally own mario

  • BorisNaruto

    when sonic is dark sonic he will like totally destroy all mario charecters

  • pokemonbattlertom

    brawl should be like this

  • CBurris24

    That was totally Mario basis. I bet a mario fan made that. Cool tho..

  • sprinklesfunnyies

    @CBurris24 ya probably but kinda funny at the same time :l

  • pmdeos35

    Avenge Luigi Mario! Kick that blue fuckhog's ass!

  • sanderistehname

    @pokemonbattlertom totally, xD

  • zachattack2202

    @DarkDosReis sonic at fights different enemys in almost every single mario game u save a mentally retarted princess from a fat turtle that ate a spicy taco from tacobell. at the end of every sonic game you fight a different enemy also sonic games has more storys so its alot better

  • thatoneguy9495

    @ShadowSalvatore53 the "sonic series" is like dragonball z

  • CrazyHand196

    if i was playing as mario i would totally own sonic
    =() wow

  • GUNRapt0r

    Sonic deserves that soccer ball to the head. To be honest, I think he is a bit overrated. Said from a former Sonic fan.

  • SpyderTeam

    OK as a true Mario fan, even I acknowledge that he cant beat sonic. Why? Sonic has hyper form. And they always give Mario a cheap imitation of it. That is unless he grabs a star.

  • BurnZeZ

    See, the problem with this video, is that if Sonic and Mario ever did have a fight, then clearly Captain Falcon would win.


  • SonicTHedgehogDX

    Lol, Yeah right
    Sonic goes like at Super Sonic speed with his attacks, but sure Mario would dodge,
    Dodge my ass, that's the only thing he would dodge.
    I think people aren't really aware of what his Super Sonic Speed.

  • SHENRON200

    @ShadowSalvatore53 Thats where they got super sonic from

  • SHENRON200

    Super Sayian Super Sonic FUCK YOU SEGA!

  • ShadowSalvatore53

    @SHENRON200 i know

  • kilkolio

    fictional characters can be written to be more powerful than gods depends on who's writing them

    now think who writes the history of fictional characters, the winner and that's right nintendo by far rapes sega like a lil school girl and thus sonic doesnt stand a chance

    also dont forget metal mario, sonic's bones would shatter on impact with him with the metal cap on

  • ThePr0Hobo

    that was awesome rofl

  • BorisNaruto

    waht about the combo here on youtube how sonic and shadow combine mario wont stand a chance


    Dragon ball: 1984
    Sonic: 1991
    Street Fighter: 1987
    the kamehameha was showcased in 1984-5 2 years before street fighter, and the super saiyan later at chapter 124 of Z which was published in shonen jump at 1990, a year before sonic was ever out. you are like those people that think metroid rips of halo.

    and by the way, it is "Hadoken". And no, i do not like street fighter at all yet i know that, isn't this sad?

  • Carey62091

    @ALEXTRON1997 suck a dick.