Myself (P.Jon), CMSPyroWolf(CMSPW) and AzureBlade49(AZURA) have a slightly more serious match on Smashville without items, since people were requesting it. AzuraBlade49's Channel: CMSPyroWolf's Channel:

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  • superblueyoshi1

    @srgtfrag1 for me its collinsville middle school and P>S> it sucks here the prencibles are jerks

  • superblueyoshi1

    @Gogeta1104 ok never mind that last one I have some serious problems with hereing things wrong

  • srgtfrag1

    @superblueyoshi1 Ohh that sux i hate that!

  • EXgamers1


  • superblueyoshi1

    @srgtfrag1 oh well me and my friend have both noticed that the princibles have problems with us and we don't care

  • srgtfrag1

    @superblueyoshi1 Yeah mine r nicer to me

  • superblueyoshi1

    @srgtfrag1 we just decide to say screw what they think about us we like havy metal ,we like video games, we don't like school they don't like well fuck them too

  • skyebahe


  • naquan59

    wow AZURA won 3 matchs in a row

  • ZumieXsky

    Proton: It probally be Shadow Moises, better be Shadow Moises it's Smashville?
    CMSPW: That's what i picked Yay!
    Proton: You die!

  • TheCandyKid100

    @Zetton199198 i imagined that Sonic said PUNCH!!!!! and Ike said DAMMITT!!!!!

  • imaboutit

    Sonic: PUNCH!!!
    Ike: DAMMIT!!!
    Ike: Arrrrrgh! Damn you! I have six kills again.

  • sdoguber

    @skyebahe oh shut up!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gogeta1104

    3:04 Team Jump!

  • wilheminanakamoto


  • shtdragon

    Ike's fighting for his friends, yeah right.

  • babbert97

    Piece a cake!

  • lilsonic11

    i'm glad that i am getting this because it is very fun

  • Joddelito


  • jaloo4111

    at 3:38 after being intercepted, protojon could've made it if went closer to the edge.

  • shtdragon

    "Sonic's too fast!" of course. He's the fastest video game character ever.

  • skorpions84

    i cant believe azura always wins in brawl sometimes.

  • yoshikocybart


  • andrevus2

    @skorpions84 Always wins sometimes? how does that make sense

  • MegaNico1999

    ouch that gotta hurt XD 6:16 its cap. sonic