Play super smash bro brawl on your pc! A super smash brawl game made by mcleod gaming!!

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  • connorthegreatgamer

    ok to everybody who hasent figured this out this is super smash flash 2 and its only the demo cause there is another demo version after this

  • ARaocowFan

    @Trace0002222 this song is your LIFE? wow....

  • deathsh1n1gam1n0te

    super smash flash 1 was better...or thats what i think

  • drodude301

    that song is probably the faggiest shit i've ever heard in my life.

  • ShadowNinjaShika

    move along, move along...XD i remember this song lol

  • sammy88343


  • GeneralMario1

    At first, I thought that was the actually the game's theme song. Shit, I would've killed myself!

  • GeneralMario1

    @drodude301 At first I thought that was actually the game's theme song. Shit, I would've killed myself!

  • sohadowswordsman

    So it's basically Mugen...but it's a Super Smash Bros. version?

  • MeezyGuy

    I Just Gotta Say...... What The Fuck?

  • Bmanritchie

    New characters that SHOULD be in the next SSB game:
    1) Megaman (Battle Network 6 version, for a Beast-Out attack)
    2) Bass (Battle Network version)
    3) Viewtiful Joe
    4) Baby Mario Bros
    5) Death Jr.
    6) Banjo Kazooie
    7) Ray 01 (Custom Robo) 8) Deoxys
    9) Rayman
    **Hope some make the cut!!

  • MarkFireStorm

    that is really cool

  • soapyan

    @drodude301 you basterd its not faffy its rock or alterntive > : (

  • JoeFox23

    That's it. This is THE WORST video I have ever seen. Congratulations.

  • xnobynijax

    Super smash Weeaboos

  • Spectermon'd rather wait 9 more days to get brawl than play this now.

  • omg1895632


  • jennygalvan1

    fake song and crappy graphics its so gay

  • hutchins9978

    I'd have the will to move along if my ears were still there.

  • darkgalg

    the song is a piece of crap lol, but the flashgame looks interesting :D


    fuck this and the stupid anoying hell song

  • kovo123

    Is that ichigo?

  • TheRSnoobman

    I saw the video, and after you're deaf... you get used to the song :)

  • Knuckles518

    The Version now is???

  • megaman6974

    @jennygalvan1 But the flash game still rocks