READ FIRST: It's been a while since I have uploaded something. This is basically just a small video about Super Smash Bros Brawl and its characters dancing and doing other crazy things. Apparently, this is from the same maker from the Link and Pikachu video I uploaded before. I know there are quite a few Smash Bros Anime vids on youtube. So I guess this can be nice addition to the collection. Sorry about the watermark....I need to get a better video converter soon. Enjoy. I did NOT create this video. This video was created by RaishiTsuwabuki. Her profile can be found at Thank you CelestialApathy for this confirmation.

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  • Randomspider123

    @PokemasterTrent well lame he isnt, but spammer, huh I need a dictionary

  • PokemasterTrent

    I know can play all the smash bros on 1 system THEEEE WII!!

  • PokemasterTrent

    @NintendaPlaya yep the other one is kumatora :) im a chugga fan

  • Greentoad6

    Amazing, but where was captain falcon. I only saw a quick plib of him. Awesome otherwise

  • UltraWill96

    KUMA!!!!!! :D

  • BottledFun

    bad fucking ass!

  • tureassassin

    would be awesome if roy was in ssbb

  • Oathkeeperclash

    This wouldn't be as fun as brawl, every Anime girl would be too sexy to ignore, all the kids would have sex via the same gender, same age person, and final smashes will have a 30 second screamfest. Squirtle, pikachu, and ivysaur wont fight. Instead, they'll ride everyone's head/shoulders. And Kirby would be able to suck everybody in, munch on their heads instantly.
    Kirby ftw. :|

    DAMN, Now I wanna play brawl.

  • gohanmoreno7

    2:53 i miss them TuT

  • Pokemen396

    this vid is rly awesome ssbb into an anime is cool

  • Pokemen396

    srry my last comment wasent good enough (slap myself) so to make up for it heres a better 1 THIS VIDEO IS THE SHIZNIT 5/5 STARS THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO IVE SEEN ON YOUTUBE y? CUZ I LUV SSBB AND ANIME ALSO THIS SONG pple plz dont think im a sarcastic person i rly do luv this video

  • kittycath19

    When Zelda took Link's hand, he blushed!!!!!! <3

  • tmoney1118

    this would make a great anime XD!!! i would watch it.

  • ex2cliff

    Srsly? Interstellar Flight?

  • mustardmuncher

    aw come on you skepped over the kirby characters almost completely and it was obvious what you did do was half-hearted at best i bet the only reason you put kirby in the second time was because he was an original in the first smash bros the only reason i watched this 4 minute snore fest is because i wanted to see kirby and i was very disapointed

  • FlimzyViseren

    That was.... something....
    Ness looks like the manifestaion of all that I hate.

  • warehog3000

    i have only have one complaint! why the hell is thare only one sec of SONIC?and i know he's not the main carecter! but that dosnt mean he shoud only get sec of fame!

  • UTAU53Yui

    PPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFF Interstellar Flight!!!...By GUMI,no less!!!!!...or is that Meiko?

  • SuperHoboPirateNinja

    Aw, you skipped over intelligent thought completely. It was obvious that what you did do at best. I'm sure the only reason you put Kirby in the second time was because that's what humans originally did. The only reason I read this rambling snore-fest was because I wanted to see some semblance of intelligent thought and I was very disappointed.

  • SuperHoboPirateNinja

    *...was halfhearted at best
    **...the only reason you put any thought into that
    (Sorry, I typed that in a hurry)

  • exclibur731

    @UTAU53Yui Its Meiko lol

  • KIngdomKeySRK

    Why does it look like zelda's not wearing a shirt when she first comes up?

  • jinjoscar

    why did you make ness and lucas look like they were gay couples

  • UTAU53Yui

    @exclibur731 LOL i know I JUST looked after posting XD I'm a fool

  • zelda169

    kyyyyyyaaaaaa link x zelda kyyyaaaaa!!!!