A 8 Bits Super Smash Bors Melee Demo

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  • mymoneynotyours

    @s4fti That's because Toadstool was her name in every Mario Bros. game up until Super Mario 64...

  • elmacloyd

    q pedaso de mierda, siquiera se ve 1 batalla, la wea mala

  • SGKlD


  • Memington

    @Luvythicus 8bit style? Plus, you and another %9 of the internet actually know the difference.

  • Viinasu91

    ganondorf looks like an evil smurf....

  • CheezeHoboMonkey

    Ghost Kirby!!! :)

  • Makuta1000


  • ThatsTommy

    @Makuta1000 No shit...

  • Unityyyy

    Nope. He was color on NES as well, just one of the levels was black and white and he was black and white in it. It's just one of his colors.

  • GeorgeX01

    @Makuta1000 dude you are dumbass XDD

  • geekymgee

    LOL 8bit mario pwnz

  • nosehair26

    Looks more than 8-bit.

  • Abelhawk

    Hey, can anyone tell me the name of the program needed to convert MIDI files to sound like NES music, as shown in this video with the SSB theme? I used to have the program but it was years ago and I can't remember the name of it.

  • TheOriginalSmasher


  • AeonsOfFrost

    Jigglypuff's face. XD

  • aplic24

    mr. gamewatch hahahahahah he's so little xD

  • KamiNoKeiko

    Why is Marth looking like Mega-Man? xD

  • guitaristtom12

    @Luvythicus no its 8-bit, look at mario, and link, and kirby

  • Makuta1000

    @ThatsTommy yeah

  • Makuta1000

    @GeorgeX01 shit you

  • kitek1999

    why is yoshi 16 bit??

  • robotsforever

    What the hell is this dog shit.

  • Pejjo1

    Dr Mario looks like Dr Phil

  • colafass

    @kitek1999 whats 16 bit?

  • kitek1999


    first off, it's not 8 bit, If you own a SNES all the games (i think) on there are 16 bit

  • Gaygaygay

    this shit is gay not even loading fucking assholes bitch ass mutha fucker wasted 2 minutes of my life fucking bitch whoever created this shit needs to work on it even better mutha fuckers