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  • gokuvscoolar

    You don't need fight with the final boss, but if you like, you play!!

  • DarkFusionReborn

    when i do that settine shit it dont come down -.-

  • yoshifreshjr

    hmm try looking for tutorials on :how to skip lvs for ssf should work =)

  • LibertaBleronRiona

    i unlocked everyone

  • ssj2mejor


  • MrDorkStamper

    i have a vid on how 2 do it. just click on my channel and loock at the vid ssf all charecters and then click on the description

  • yoshifreshjr

    mhhmmm i just felt like posting somthing!

  • MrBigypsy

    haha luigi kick your ass

  • superdartio

    blue was hard but i unlocked him :D

  • falconking1337


  • yoshifreshjr

    @falconking1337 do what??? the skipping????

  • jedichris15

    right click hit foward or pay atteion to what he does

  • sasuke9824


  • yoshifreshjr

    @sasuke9824 yes it does or what are you reffering to?

  • sasuke9824

    @yoshifreshjr yh i found out it works soz my bad i cudnt removet he comment lol i didnt know u had to click like right in the corner :P

  • johncena1866

    yo ya tengo a luigi,super sonic,shadow,mewtwo,Lloyd,young link,zero,blue,tails,sonic,mario,pikachu,megaman,knuckles,kirby,fox,capitan falco,inuyasha,samus,link,zelda y jigglupuff

  • faithman68


  • faithman68


  • faithman68


  • JugJam

    How do you skip that

  • smaragdchaos

    you don´t need to kill master hand and crazy hand

  • smaragdchaos

    @johncena1866 fuck you u cannot shut up

  • reneavsanchez13

    i need two characters to unlock

  • TrayBrown1

    Yes it does, you not doin it right if its not workin for you

  • HappySmoke72

    it does sasuke biatch