This cutscene involves Goku and Vegeta getting ready to fight! -Cutscene made by NintendoFlash Yes, I know the quality is a bit bad, and the audio is slightly off. I also know that this was uploaded before...

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  • GoldenPickaxe


  • mugenlordftw

    Yew need to put geno in

  • Coolio8823

    needs more Tales lol Presea and Kratos! ...Genis?

  • kennethisbomb

    colette, marta, emil, zelos, there is going to be kratos... damn we need richter. raine, regal ...

  • kennethisbomb

    and SHEENA o-o

  • Coolio8823

    marta?! Awesomeness :O. I'm sorry, but I hate Emil!

  • sonic100mario0

    if you want someone make a ssf2 expanshon

  • geno679

    geno needs to be in or hes gonna blow japan up... agian

  • elielconceic

    Will the Saiyans be able to transform into Super with unlimited time or they will run out when that yellow bar is over just like all transformations in the game

  • kookook2

    This time, it won't be japan.

  • TheMapleSyrupShow

    According to the research I found on their wiki, their Saiyan forms are considered "Final Forms" and will have the yellow bar just like Fire Mario and Super Sonic.

  • johanlol3

    @McLeodGamingOfficial When are u done with the full game mate?

  • sonictom95

    cool will this be in story mode of subbmision space

  • sonictom95

    please make the v0.06 hurry because i want to be goku or vegeta or sora

  • sonictom95

    i fought that you were done with the demo verson 0.06a its been like 5 or 6 months now i fought that you were done the 0.06 today

  • jeffassasincross

    Super Smash flash 2 is in what Percent Done?

    I'll be Patient.

  • firesnake19

    hey make it an app for i phone or ipod touch XD

  • locolinaxs

    McLeod plzz X: for the next demo put sora and goku pleaaase =P... i played smash flash 1 and i got all characters and i want to see both of them goku and sora =D

  • sbickmore95

    The demo gets delayed "ALL" the time whether it be some..i dont know...some unrelated work oh and the site going down wasnt your fault but jeez im not waiting till next year for an just hoping Cloud Strife is in the game! That'd be awsome!

  • jennasmallz04

    they piss in about two months it will be a year since a update like okay i no hes in colledge but im kinda tired uf being patient

  • pocamaster

    when is ssf2 full game comin

  • IvanUzumaki100

    @McLeodGamingOfficial lol

  • juanariful

    MAN do the demo 6.0b is already 2010!!!

  • Autobots4ever

    Meh.... vegeta's gonna be an unlockable character while goku's not ain't it?

  • YumYummiYum

    i like it. u know brother is making a game sort of like this,only way more charters,maybe we can team up