only a demo i found of super smash flash 2!!! The real thing is coming out soon. to play demo go to

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  • MSClericKing

    It's an awesome game, but it has too many problems for a 4 character demo. 1. Kirby's Final Smash owns way too much. 2. The recover time is too long. 3. You get Smash Balls is a very strange way. 4. Controls are too unresponsive. 5. Computers fucking suck! I realize that it's only a demo and the full will be much better, but for four characters there are too many issues.

  • linkypoo1234

    That is SOOOO true!!!!

  • Pikachu243


  • Naruoc

    hooray thanks!!!

  • linkypoo1234

    oops i was on my friends account so.. "hooray thanks!"

  • fmjr10

    i beat 1 but can wait till 2

  • linkypoo1234

    i still haven't beat 1.....

  • RonnShad

    Dude they added sonic the ehdgehog!

  • gagerage101

    I LOVE SUPER SMASH FLASH i only played 1st one what site is it on?

  • 4dojo