(this is the hacked or beta u think about IT)This is the same thing like the last challenge in Super Smash Bros Brawl but harder.Im by my self vs 5 lvl 9 because its on Extremly hard.Im naruto vs mario,snake,sonic,ryu,and naruto(kid naruto because his more important)Sonic really sucked.the song is the SSF2 theme.Fear my version of Final Destination(SSBM).please dont comment anything stupid because i will remove them! all credits to NemesisTheory of NewGrounds and link to NemesisTheory.Newgrounds.com for the song.! Url to first vids www.youtube.com url to trailer www.youtube.com My first SSF2 hacked www.youtube.com People to thank. Cloed and the MG crew Emile - SuperMarioKarter All character are own by there companys Nintendo,Capcom,Sega,Konami,Shonen Jump,Viz Media,Midway,Lucas Arts,Acclaim,Western Publishing,Dell Comics,Game Freak,HalLab.,and all the awsome companys out there.

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  • sola882000

    hack but i still want to play the game

  • MAXPR50

    how can you hack this demo plzzz whant to play as ryu jajajaj plzzz tell my

  • xoasianmusicxo

    where can you play this

  • Andx56

    for some reason this is hilarous to me

  • deadmarioX493737

    what is it and how do you get it?

  • itachimaster645

    Well it's a smash game o-k-a-y,and Second you dont get it ; )
    am i going to fast?

  • xxoskills

    well then how are u playing it?

  • moneyman1828

    weres the sound effects when u punch sombody

  • Link8923

    This is nore hack or beta.

  • Nakatox

    hack obviusly

  • bookmanCS

    omg Ryus's Hadoken is so badass. The best part of this video is that part. He should have won though.

  • itachimaster645

    Ryu's my main but for this reason i choose Naruto,I was actully going to choose Link.

  • moneyman1828

    oh ok i didnt know so wat u r saying itachimaster645 is super smash flash 2 comes out in 2010

  • itachimaster645

    i think that's what i heard from the devs,maybe Fall/winter of 2010.

  • kingdomslasher

    wow!Thats alot of characters!Just the way I like it.

  • Danerd9

    just some stupid sprite movie. now go to hell.

  • takenbywho

    was it hard to play like that cause dam

  • mooiboy764

    how to get caracters at super smash bros brawl flash 2 v5 b??

  • MystyrNile

    There is no unlockable anything in SSF2.5b

  • Pokechao


  • shyguy6571

    fake. i can tell its fake cause marios sprite sheet aint like that.

  • itachimaster645

    @shyguy6571 Please check when this vid was uploaded KTHXBI.

  • shyguy6571

    @itachimaster645 even back then his sprite sheet was diff

  • itachimaster645

    @shyguy6571 Naw it wasnt :3

  • shyguy6571

    @itachimaster645 it was. i can tell caus ehis sprite sheet back then was lighter.