Characters are Mario, Kirby, Ichigo, and Lloyd.

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  • principedorado

    McLeodGamingOfficial, you can put Ness,Sora or Goku in the next demo?

  • Itachimangekiu

    why ness? lol

  • principedorado

    Because Ness is my favourite character

  • BlazerZX345

    PLZ PUT ZERO FROM THE MEGAMAN ZERO SERIES!! XD HES AN AWESOME CHARACTERS, if need help w/ controls, just ask me, lets just say his controls and moves can be a lot similar to Links's

  • Zeffa1234

    Lmao, Mario died at 30% damage with Lloyd's FS.

  • PaperBagPro

    goku will be awesome! i also like naruto!

  • legofan777

    i hope it has sora soon

  • daman1012

    they should add these guys in the real game that would be awesome

  • McLeodGamingOfficial


  • daman1012

    like in SSBB you know super smahs bros

  • bizarewigga

    the new v0.6a hacked trailer is here(with real footage and i mean real footage!!)
    check out my channel

  • narufansupear

    Llyod, Ichigo, Naruto, Megaman... Pretty much all SSF2 characters not in the real game are OP... I killed Mario with one hit with charged Rasengan :l and he was 0%

  • McLeodGamingOfficial

    uh, no. CPU are not a valid test subject.

  • narufansupear

    Okay, yeah dip, I did it with someone who knew what they were doing... I understand why you said that but you could've done it in a less rude manner

  • McLeodGamingOfficial

    I'm not being rude at all. I'm just saying that's not possible if the player/CPU knew what they were doing. Chill out, alright?

  • mococartas

    those arent the full final smashes!

  • slipknotphil879

    good job getting bleach tinto there, ive been w8ing for so long

  • mysteriothebest619

    i kick ass with ichigo

  • pokemanic100

    me 2 i like his transformation and helicopter attack

  • PrivateSkittles99

    kirbys was pathetic

  • Dfan9314

    megusta el poder de mario y de ichigo y link

  • Takahashi2212

    in the newest demo i'm playing and a shriken got stuck in the top. stuff popped out of it like a boomerang and an arrow etc. currently a boomerang and an arrow are floating on it and next to it is a rasangan under a getsuga tenshou

  • McLeodGamingOfficial

    Working on fixing it.

  • Coolio8823

    when I use my final smash as all Lloyd Irving chars, I freeze in place and the camera keeps moving forward and back.

  • sakuzenshi

    Its cool how u put Lloyd on here i mean He and his games The tales of games i love em all lulz But U really need to start paying Close eyes to him theres still alot of probs about him even on the Current Demo u have posted So plz can u like stop upgradeing Sonics Homing attk and and smash ball and items and inprove him plz his the only char a like and mario and megaman and sora but u know XD