This is just a demo and you can play or download it here:

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  • SonyTheHedgehog8

    wow cool video man! i played the game today and it was cool! hope you reply or comment my message AND a surprise for you a 5 star! and you can play with sonic better than me :D Greetings:Toby

  • vegito1221

    thks for ranking hped u enjoy it cause in enjoyed playin it and making it

  • getreadydieheavymn80

    is it like multiplayer?

  • vegito1221


  • qibman123

    destroy the final smash ball then press special to become...SUPER SONIC!!!!

  • WeirdALvin26

    when u pause this video where sonic was really close 2 mario....watever it`s weird and also it`s sounds like sonic saying shit when he attacks!

  • Metralhad

    this is nothing for me i playing against 3 peoples on the 9 lvl and won

  • koolkakashi123

    yeah i know its easy use loyd

  • shadowgamer31

    how did you record this
    plz tell me, my recorder is crap lol

  • GodDrane

    Does anyone know how to unlock other characters???

  • DerianX19

    nice background ;D

  • vermillionrasengan

    v0.5 is out now

  • constantino93

    but not in the story mode?

  • lol

    tanks friens