This is me,playing Super Smash Flash 2 Demo. The second part of version v0.5. I do not own this game nor made it, but this video is of course mine. Music: -Ren & Stimpy: Pizzicato Playtime -Crash Bandicoot - The Wrath of Cortex: Wizards and Lizards Credit to McLeodGaming for making this demo. If you wish to play the game, go to: Just more gameplay. However, I find this WAY more amusing than my previous gameplay video. Let's just put it this way: I'm reckless, Naruto is a pervert, Sonic is ironically the loser of the match, and MegaMan was the last survivor. Infact, one part involves Naruto just keep holding MegaMan. I made it more amusing by just goofing around. Though, what scares me is that this is file is 160MB. This, by the way, was uploaded by the No-Beta Upload section. Now that it seems to work perfectly fine, I may be able to successfully upload at least one Crash Bandicoot 3 playthrough part in the first day of December. By the way, HAPPY EARLY THANKSGIVING! BE A GLUTTON LIKE KIRBY! ...But you know, just for the hell of it, I'll give my honest opinion of the characters. Mario - He was alright. He's an all-around character, and that's what you should expect from him in any Super Smash Bros. game, or even in some of his own games. Kirby - Yay, my favorite. He's fast, small, cute, and somewhat powerful. Add in the fact that he is so far the only character in the game to multi-jump, and you got yourself a cute little death ball of gluttony ...

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  • CountHex

    Lloyd is from Tales of Symphonia

  • AbeX300

    Ah. Thank you. Though, I have never played that game. ._.

  • za909

    Lol Crash bandicoot soundtrack

  • AbeX300

    Oh yes. :P

  • Decombre

    Sprites are too small, jesus >:(

  • stallonedude40

    heres my opinion of the charicters

    mario-balanced,good to fight with
    kirby-hell yea hes rlly cool ^.^
    link-dont like his bow...
    sonic-not powerful but fast and can jump really high
    Lloyd-awesome lightweight
    naruto-my fav. also a middleweight fighter
    ichigo-heavyweight never looked so cool
    megaman-hes good but has more weaknesses than strengths.

  • TheVenomousgamer

    this is such a fun game; i am good w/ Mario and Sonic; i wish for wifi

  • 1994AZ105

    @TheVenomousgamer im good with Lloyd and Ichigo :o

  • TheSaxantonio

    this looks way better thsn the first