This is me, playing Super Smash Flash 2 Demo. The second part of version v0.5. I do not own this game nor made it, but this video is of course mine. Music: -Punch-Out!! (Wii): Minor Circuit Fight -Klonoa 2: Lunatea Waltz (Slowed version, to extend it on the two testing runs) Credit to McLeodGaming for making this demo. If you wish to play the game, go to: We have MEGAMAN! GUTSMAN'S ASS! Oh wait... Anyways, he feels kinda slow to me, which is why I ain't doing so good with him against Naruto. I have encountered two glitches on my previous recording: 1. The opponents sometimes climb on the black hole as if they were climbing up the ledge. 2. Sometimes the opponents shield for almost so long. Did I also forget to tell you there is Beam Sword and Home-Run Bat? However, in the game, there is no sound whenever you smash hit someone with it. Because he is currently working on them. Not demonstrated in the video, but the fan can now break shields. I thought they already do? I still prefer Kirby, but hey, at least there is no gutsman's ass. Maybe next time I'll do that. Edit: Why in the holy name of hell is this my most viewed video? Go check out my other videos, they're better than this video. ._. Edit 2: Oh hey, I got the most engagement with my homeland, Poland! 50% of engagement. :o Edit 3: Over 6000 views. Ok that's it, I'm putting up an annotation that will remind you I have videos better than this. Edit 4: HOW IS THIS GETTING SO MANY VIEWS?! Edit 5: If ...

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  • overmyhead875

    I wonder when the real game comes out

  • AbeX300

    Probably a year, because this is only v0.5b of the demo...

  • lucario2510

    i prefer using megaman more than mario. he might be slow and stuff but his black hole attack PWNS ALL!!! my best character is ichigo though...

  • AbeX300

    Curse you, YouTube, and you're way of making him look like it wasn't reply. CURSE YOOOOOOOOOOU.

    Anyways, it's because it just bothers him.

  • jmanfan213

    well megaman awesome any way

  • AbeX300

    Yes, any way but in Super Smash Flash 2.

  • edmaster93

    where you download or play in the web site?

  • AbeX300

    It's too obvious to be told. -_-

  • fabman7564

    This game is really addicting! I downloaded it off the web so now i can play it without internet connection! :D

  • BankaiRoxVox

    dammit take that annotation off the video!!

  • AbeX300

    But this doesn't deserve to be my most viewed video. ;-;

  • BankaiRoxVox

    who cares man? views are views! D:

  • AbeX300

    Well here's a little itsy bitsy secret.

    Below the video is a bar. On the bottom right corner shows an arrow pointing up. Click on that, then click on the icon that looks similar to a sticker. Then all annotations are gone. :3

    BUT STILL, IT'S TOO RIDICULOUS TO HAVE THIS BE MY MOST VIEWED. I have way better videos than this. ;-;

  • BankaiRoxVox

    well what's ur best video? i wanna see it O:

  • AbeX300

    Well I really don't have the best videos. But at least certainly 80% of my other videos are better than this. Especially my Crash Bandicoot 3 Playthrough and Super Punch-Out!! challenges.

  • BankaiRoxVox

    what kind of videos do u make?

  • AbeX300

    Usually a remix, or a response to this incredibly weird fad that PointlessVideos4Life made.

    Sometimes a video containing a music (on that same topic, rarely an extended version).

    The most rare thing I could ever do is upload a playthrough part or a Super Punch-Out!! challenge video, because for whatever reason, THEY ARE MORE THAN 200MB.

  • Reashun14

    it is kind of ridiculous lol u were just showing gameplay of a sbbb type flash game.
    Not hating on you or anything, keep doing ya thing :P
    much <3 love reashun :3

  • AbeX300

    Actually, I think I'll stop the gameplay videos for now until the next version is up. I think I may have already taken first on making and uploading the most gameplay videos of this game, and it WOULD be ridiculous if I kept doing it. O_o

  • Reashun14


  • chimanruler15

    How did you record this awesome gameplay and what settings? =D

  • Rishaun14

    how do you drop an item in version 0.5b? because i have tried to do the grab(s+direction+p) but it doesnt work...

  • AbeX300

    @Rishaun14 s+direction+p? Silly you, you simply have to assign the Grab button in the controls menu. I don't know why the hell they didn't defautly assign a button to Grab.

  • MrTheLBoy

    how do go super with your character, for example, when at 1:22 megamen goes all red and superpowerful or when ichigo uses bankai. P.S: sorry for the bad spelling.

  • AbeX300

    @MrTheLBoy You need to break a Smash Ball, then press B (without pressing any directional button) to acitvate it. In MegaMan's case, he turns into his super form, but there are different kinds.

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  • Cagleangela

    Best game ever!

  • sheesam

    wtf it does not wrk

  • loldude

    LOL were is it