This is me,playing Super Smash Flash 2 Demo, in v0.6. I do not own this game nor made it, but this video is of course mine. Music: -Super Mario Galaxy - The Star Festival -Super Mario Galaxy - Kingfin/Bouldergeist (Fast) (v2) Credit to McLeodGaming for making this demo. If you wish to play the game, go to: Well, the wait is finally over. What do they have? The codebase has been changed from Flash 8 Actionscript 2.0 to Flash 10 Action Script 3.0 (whatever that is), the maps have been revamped, Sora has been added (who I haven't played yet in a real match, but if I were to judge him, I'd say he is quite powerful and fast, but trying to hit is somehow a bit of a problem), the first gliding character is introduced (Sora, of course), the AI was completely redone from scratch (really? doesn't seem like it), Training Mode has been added, Item Switch has been added, Pokeballs are introduced (with Gligar, Hitmonlee, Chikorita and Koffing, so far), Birdo and Pidget are added to Mushroom Kingdom 2, the music looping has improved (of course, you never hear the game's actual music because of me, heh), the attack priority has improved, the Stale Move Decay has been added, Stage Ricochet has been added, 7 new stages were added, Hyrule Temple was updated, the Crouch Grab was removed, the overall gameplay speed has been improved, a lot of bug fixes, and the balance for each character has been updated, along with sprites.

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