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  • Hafkid

    Nes mario is very awsome!

  • jakeythehedgehog

    also caboose lol the dunmb moron might have stupid moves lol umm yahh

  • alexis515148


  • MonsterXfan

    were is grange fire boy and ling ling from he should put dark matter samurai from kirby dreamland 2

  • theshippfan22

    NES Mario and Dark Fire Kirby look awesome

  • Darknesslol01

    they are fan characters ¬¬

  • ibeatlocksquest106

    Theres a smashs wiki and a Mcleod wiki...Mcleod made both SSF's so i'll trust that website

  • kookook2

    What? Made both ssf's? You mean ssf and ssf2? What does that have to do with anything? You better trust the soon to be released dojo. And by soon, I mean VERY SOON. Oops...shouldn't have said that.

  • ibeatlocksquest106

    dude i go there there every day but it's never updated.

  • kookook2

    *facepalm* Read my comment again, and see how your comment fails.

  • cheatmaster369


  • chrisIsrainbow

    what's the song would love to know

  • williamnakama

    Yes Yes Yes! Inuuyasha :D

  • omegachavez

    most of them are fake dumbass. unless these are the people you want as expansion characters. they STILL wont work.

    Check out the Cleod9 website to see the REAL expansion characters!

  • metaknight5555

    New Ike sheet!
    NES mario are not expation and never will be!

  • Litomaster567

    Actually there is a forum and NES Mario is an expansion

  • metaknight5555


    I know, and i have accont there, and i know NES, but i hate it, so i dont belive he will be expation, if yes, i will never download it!

  • Litomaster567

    How can you hate NES? Its where it all started, without NES theres no Wii, btw who are you in the forums? I'm LitoYoshi

  • metaknight5555


    I dont mean the NES, i mean the NES Mario! why the NES be expansion? so you will know i mean the NES Mario! and my username is Wardek on the forums, im banned for three days, so i cant log in for three days!

  • paleknight1

    WTF? Fireguy, Dark Fire Kirby, Grange, Ling- Ling, Spongebob, Mr Bright & Mr Shine, THE INTERNET. Are you kinding me these ain't even fit into this. Hell since they are doing this why not just add Steroid Punk or Angry Video Game Nerd. No wait howabout Ultimate ass raper guy from hell, because that is pretty much how this game is gonna turn out.

  • PaulVonHindenberg

    Fucking terrible.

  • SFighterYoukai

    i really glad K. Rool is an expansion character!!!!

  • keggie09

    this vid is pointless they're going to make more expansions every day like mugen so theres no stop to it (witch is a good thing)

  • DarthDialga

    @paleknight1 hey faggot STHU your not cool but I agree with you on spongebob Grange and the Internet but the rest are good so stop being retarded

  • ReflectTheHedgehog

    percy jackson would be awesome! his final smash would be a tsunimi that could wipe out everybody!