This was fun except for when i died. Link too game: Link Too Smash Flash Dojo: Thanks too Mcleodgaming for making a great demo, waiting for actual game. Enjoy!!

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  • qwertysonic

    Nice Sonic attempts. Thanks for the link I didn't know they had made a new demo lately.

  • SonictheYoshiTwo2

    i think the real and or full version of ssf2 will come at december

  • DarkFallenPit12

    oh and for people who play this game mario has a homing attack

  • dman992

    i play this everyday well the demo

  • Salnax

    March or May

  • MetroStationBoy14

    Stupid this is version 2 or 3 play version 4. you get Link

  • marioVSshadow

    MetroStationBoy14... The version 4 demo hadn't been released yet

  • RandomPoorGuy

    in v.3 the smash ball looks different than v.4,s

  • pinipigbomb

    Lloyd's is called falcons crest

  • TheJuan09

    v5a is out ppl with naruto!!!!

  • PivotKiller66

    Trust me the v5 version looks exactly like Brawl with sprites and less chars and stages

  • Jarrell444

    version v5b is out now with megaman :)

  • TheJuan09

    i was expecting more from megamans final smash tho

  • altar1111

    now thay have naruto and a bunch of outher people

  • gamemasterempier

    its awesome i can't wait to see it when gets finished

  • Gandora9000

    how do u film urself like this?

  • LegendaryZelda

    hypercam :)

  • th3sin44

    pretty awsome how loyd uses divine justice

  • aqwslordshadowskull

    i swallowed ichigo in bankai mode with kirby and used his special
    and killed him =)

  • kingplutoxiao1

    Does anyone know where the mario sprites he uses.

  • SFighterYoukai

    it's called "Brawlifying"... the creator says "less than an edit, more than a recolor"

  • SFighterYoukai

    in otherwards he edited/recolored them...

  • SFighterYoukai

    most of these names were just crappy names that you made up, but the final smashes are real. and now it's not all stages! :D test stages aren't even used anymore

  • kingplutoxiao1

    He maybe bmped them.

  • Melkac

    it's a edited's the Super mario world's sprite