This is me playing to show the third demo of SSF2, including grabs and Lloyd's updated Final Smash, this is whats new on the demo: (you can play it (without sound) or download it (with sound)) - Physics improvements (Acceleration/Deceleration) - Basic Grabbing added (Throw in all four directions, no hitting yet) - Back-air attacks added - Ledge rolling added (roll up instead of jump) - Execute Final Smash using neutral-O added - Quicker jump succession (there was actually a big problem before) - Projectile reversal added (Mario's FLUDD Replaced with cape) - Small AI improvements (More balanced, but needs more work) - slight damage adjustments to some attacks - Various changes to sprites (color fixes, replacements, etc) - Use Smash Ball by pressing O - Only one Smash Ball exists at a time - Stock Match glitch fixed - Tons of other bug fixes The bugs includes the 4 stock match glitch, Kirby's FS glitches and much more, but theres one more glitch on the new Lloyd's Final Smash, and that is that get stuck SOMETIMES in the part when you charge and come down. If you have any questions pm me. You can find the game at Honors to this video: #21 - Most Responded (This Week) - Film & Animation - Japan #38 - Most Responded (This Month) - Film & Animation - Japan #20 - Most Responded (This Week) - Film & Animation - Japan #92 - Most Responded (This Week) - Film & Animation - Japan #34 - Most Responded (This Month) - Film & Animation - Japan #48 - Most Responded (This ...

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  • Pius619

    on the newest version, they have sonic and a new place: final destination

  • kookook2

    I'm a dev, I know. I played it first than the public. *points to other vids*

  • wheezyuzumaki

    u know theres a way newer one now with sonic in it

  • vampiredimmu


  • SuzumiyaL

    That's 'cause Sonic is a veteran (in the flash saga)



  • radclaw1

    this isnt the third demo!!!!!!1the third has sonic

  • kookook2

    I know -.- just check my other vid. *points to last comment*

  • kookook2

    actually its the fourth one and the v.3 is the fifth one, I'm counting the a and b.

  • narutorox123456

    nope!its the 2nd!

  • radclaw1

    oh sorry

  • kookook2


  • Pius619

    omg when is the full version coming out!? it's almost fall & he said it'd come out during summer

  • kookook2

    *points to newest demo vid by me*

  • smashtasm6

    this isnt the newest cause sonic aint there >_>

  • kookook2

    see the other newest newest video xP

  • pirashanna1

    v.o.4 is coming out on christmas

  • kookook2

    after, before new year.

  • torg300

    v.0.4 is out now..LINK ADDED!

  • kookook2

    -.- see my latest videos

  • kookook2

    probably everyone already knows

  • torg300

    Ok..Well i see the video,

  • goldcoon

    is this a real game? if it is it looks cool

  • kookook2

    yes, and this demo is old for the new demos

  • MalcolmPauze

    v.0.5 is out =)