This is an instruction video on how to unlock all characters in Super Smash Flash. UPDATE: You need to use Sonic as well to unlock Shadow. DISCLAIMER: Super Smash Flash is owned by Mcleod gaming. I do not own or have any affiliation with any of the content of this video, namely, Super Smash flash. This is simply a fan made video.

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  • barbiesitsherself

    i cant get shadow

  • saurfan

    clouds gay


    Try Dowloading it from the main website


    Keep press forward and it will say 100 man melee and it will say character approaching thats how i got Crono

  • Vietkid9

    doesnt work 4 me

  • gunfight12

    lie i press forword to get to the next level

  • mywarlockown

    to unlock shadow u need to do classic and adventure with tails sonic and knuckels

  • jump102jump

    LOL, you guys actually play this FAGGOT game. Haha, I play brawl, you stick with your free flash queer game! HAHA!

  • arsenalvarun

    fucku i am paying brawl ad are playinh this stupid online game ha ha ha thanks fbrawlor the laugh oh and when you are playing this shitty game i will be playing brawl

  • jump102jump

    yep, me 2. hahah fucking faggots paly this SHIT game and we paly BRAWL! YEAH!

  • barbiesitsherself

    well you i tried your way to get shadow but it did not work i tried someone made a video and it showed the right way to get shadow

  • samuspoonschief

    this is an online game? creator of vid link to download site plz?

  • zeldaguy15

    windows welcoming music?

  • bubbajimmy8

    hail yeah thanx

  • beaugita

    Ok i keep doing 3 min. melee but i always face cloud at the end instead of crono. was up wit dat?

  • pokemania123

    beaugita, just right click almost at the top of the screen whilst facing cloud, then you should face crono.

  • liquiceashley

    nice dba cursor :P

  • sasori12deidara89

    youre right liquiceashley i noticed that two so i take t you like rs cool
    i love rs
    o and by the way
    and i wanna honour to
    to bad i cant =(

  • sasori12deidara89

    * tear tear *
    what button do i press
    i dont get play when it tells me who im facing grrr please tell me

  • NigerianSeafood

    i can't do this =(

  • laquitaa

    when i do the right click thing, i click forward instead of play

  • toontown1

    When I played as Megaman, I somehow got Inyuyasha. Werid.

  • SaOUnO

    Mine Don't Work

  • ilikepizza10

    I'm doing what you told me to do, but I'm still not getting Young Link. What am I doing wrong?

  • bigbirdlover20

    no he grabs a block and kicks it you get your facts straight