Like the Smash Bros brawl dojo site we now have a Super Smash Flash version called Super Smash Flash Central for Super Smash Flash 2! Here's the link

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  • GunmasterLombardi

    This game, will probably be a rip off of the real deal, I played the old one, and the characters only made it, I would say... 1/2 as good as the first Super smash bros. And multiplayer isn't even worth it on the old flash. Which makes the game average, because multiplayer in smash bros are about half of what smash bros. is about. If you disagree with me and leave me a rude comment, consider yourself blocked.<:) I mean, characters like Sora, Cloud, etc. already mess it up.:/

  • Pius619

    oh shut up!! i think that game will be awesome because:1:it has more items like pokeballs and assist trophies,2:IT HAS FINAL SMASHES!!,3:Much more characters,and,4:IT'S BASED ON SUPER SMSAH BROS> BRAWL!!

  • wolfxhonor

    the second one will be way better than the first one.the first one was good (in my opinion) you just wait till the second one

  • GunmasterLombardi

    Either you typed too fast, or you're retarted. Check your spelling on SMASH. I'm just saying Smash bros. is good on the computer, however more characters, would also mean more third parties. I mean, Mega Man is where the limit should be. This is Nintendo, not every company together. Besides, certain characters weren't in the last game like Falco, Yoshi, or even Ness, game's lost when it comes to character's. If your gonna put in third parties like Cloud, Sony should makes their own smash bros.:/

  • GunmasterLombardi

    Also, I'd like to see a subspace emissary with those kind of third parties. That would make the game average. I'll probably laugh! Call me a bad, selfish person. That's your opinion, and 99% of the people I know would say the opposite.<:) This game may get twice better than the first one was though.(6/10)

  • Kamuki7thdan

    the sequel has everyone from brawl and more.

  • GunmasterLombardi

    I have alot to say:
    1st. I apologize for my rudeness.
    2nd. I had my opinion on different things, and the last Flash acctualy was good, but I wasn't addicted to it. I only played it about 3 times.<:(
    3rd. This new one should be really good 8/10, but unless it has online, or multiplayer wireless to other computer, 8/10 in my opinion is the best it'll get. I apologize, hopefully Falco and Wolf will get new final smashes, and Krystal'll be in it, don't spoil it for me. ;)


    no he/she is not in it falco pwns and wolf pwns and it might be online

  • toddfamily4

    I cant see any pics on the site :(

  • jimmyretard666

    I like the first one but it lagged like a mother bitch. The demo of ssf2 worked great on my pc and now im looking forward to it

  • jimmyretard666

    cloud isnt sony wanksplat.

  • kookook2

    NO, it will get 4 times better or more, and there will be a story mode.

  • BrawlBandicootMusic

    it doesnt update eery single day somethimes it doesnt update a whole day and somethimes 3 times a day

  • Kamuki7thdan

    It used too but lately it hasen't.

  • CrayzMario64

    u guys could make that cool flame (that surrounds the character in SSBB after grabbing a smash ball) appear after you grab the smash ball and do the change color tab (in the player select screen in the REAL game)

  • hydrokyogre

    Err, isn't there an official dojo already?

  • wwefanandnarutofan

    Will this game have Marth ?

  • shadowxkid78

    5/5 that dojo let me play ssf2