*Note: This trailer is outdated, therefore characters, stages and gameplay is very much different now in the actual game. This is the offical teaser trailer for the upcoming Flash Game, "Super Smash Flash 2," the sequel to the famous "Super Smash Flash" game created by Cleod-9. Note that this Trailer does NOT feature any actual gameplay, only a Dramatization of Actual Gameplay. All the characters that appeared in the Teaser WILL be appearing in SSF2. However, there are MORE CHARACTERS in the SSF2 game than I showed in the trailer. I just cover the basic ones. Who are they? I can't tell you yet. The rest will be a surprsie. THERE IS NO SET RELEASE DATE FOR SSF2! PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME FOR A DATE, BECAUSE THERE IS NONE! And yes, SSF2 is better than SSF. SSF2 is so good, it makes SSF1 look like crap. Link to Cleod-9's site: mcleodgaming.com Link to the SSF2 Demo: www.mcleodgaming.c om Link to the original Super Smash Flash: mcleodgaming.com page=downloads

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  • kingofny79

    when the hell is this game coming out?

  • CaBo0se147

    fuck no i saw sora and i was like omfg

  • MrSubliminal96

    goku is gay

  • yuyunarutoballz27

    lol Goku came out and everyone was like "oh fuck" XD

  • braeden113

    man, cant wait for realese, i got the 5b update but that was nearly a year ago,i want to play as sora dammit!

  • geromejustin

    add sonic pls

  • Happytreefriendsfan3

    oh,not a remix,sorry,my bad,its super smash bros brawl version of stickerbrush symphony

  • Happytreefriendsfan3

    from 1:27 to the end of the video,the music is a remix of dkc2 song "stickerbrush symphony" or "bramble blast" call it what you want

  • AstroViewer88

    Its Official That Cloud Is Gonna Be In The Game too. It Was On The SSF2 Wiki And One Of Mcleods Posts. His Final Smash Is The OMNISLASH 5

  • J6Unlimited

    lol goku pwns all

  • EggrollDance


  • metaknight5555

    I want to make another trailer with our correct sprites.

  • aaron15120

    this game is awesome. im not trying to say ur a bad gamer but u should add more characters like edward elric and alphonse :D there should be a anime super smash flash :) that would be epic

  • Fischmen9000


  • Hikari354

    That was my reaction too xD

  • mooiboy764

    how to get player on it?

  • rxnetworkOfficial


  • falzerpossed14

    @9608699 lol red fag xD

  • falzerpossed14

    @aj2fireflash cuz hes bad ass lik that :P lol

  • falzerpossed14


  • ThugyP

    someone know the official date when the real game is released? please respond thank you.

  • 9608699

    this game has to come out i am tried of demos

  • J6Unlimited


  • CloneX2001

    You Can Do Final Smashes In That Game!!!

  • aj2fireflash

    i cant wait to play as blade and blue again

    p.s why does blue wear a labcoat?

  • superman


  • superman3